OWC To The Rescue! 

Well worry no more, because Our Wedding Carnival Season 3 is here! This two day event will host over 100 exhibitors and sponsors covering everything wedding from hair and makeup, to performances, to invitations, to jewelry, to venues, to finding the perfect dress – and MyLushWedding has the in-depth scoop!




Last Tuesday the 24th, Red Square, the events and advertising company who created this carnival, held a press conference at Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel in Garden City to introduce the main designers and sponsors. We got the chance to sit one on one with these big names, starting from L’azurde Jewelry to the famous Bahig Hussein, and hear from the experts themselves!




With an underwater theme and shows by Kriss Hair Salons, Mohamed Abdelhamid, Rosa Clara, and Antar & Lahmoni, and not to mention Bahig  Hussein with his “Dancing with the Starts” line- this third season of Our Wedding Carnival is sure to top all expectations!


Still not enough? L’azurde Jewelry will be giving away a BIG surprise to the raffle winner; Also 2 lucky ladies will also be winning a free makeup session with


Mohamed Abdelhamid himself!  Any bride who books her wedding making-up through Abdelhamid during the two days will receive a Manicure & Pedicure or Facial Cleaning or Moroccan Bath!





As an added bonus, special guest Lebanese designer Hadi Katra will be presenting his collection for the first time in Egypt!





We sat down with Bahig Hussein, who cheerfully expressed his view that “The bride, this is her dream. She doesn’t have to have a ceiling for this dream. She has to meet all her expectations, but must also take into consideration her personality, her size, the kind of wedding she wants, her groom and his mentality, the family mentality – it’s a project…and the wedding dress is a project!


Elena Teindas, Retail Commercial & Marketing Director for Rosa Clara advised that brides be willing to keep an open mind by trying on different styles. “Be open and explore! Take it easy, enjoy yourself and have a good, fun experience in the fitting room; enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror in different designs.” One will fit like a glove and you’ll know ‘God this is THE Dress!” 


We sat with Rasha Hassan, Marketing Manager from L’azurde, who tipped Brides to “Always keep your usage in your mind. You could buy a very big diamond ring but you could not wear it, you could not go to work with it. So always keep your usage in your mind and how it fits your hand. Always think of how I am going to use it afterwards. When I buy it, can I go back to this person and change it? “If you are spending a fortune on a ring, you deserve to show…it…off!


Our hair expert Kriss explained that before coming into the salon, a Bride should “prepare very good photos of what she wants her wedding hair to look like. She should start this about 2 months before the wedding. She should make treatments, and make sure she doesn’t change her color a lot.” He stressed the importance of getting treatments done, as it “makes the hair healthier…and shinier.” After all, what bride would want to walk down the aisle with damaged and dull hair, right?


Omar Khattab, CEO of Khattab Wedding Invitation gave us the company’s top tip: “When it comes to wedding invitations, maintaining an equal balance between etiquette and clarity is key! Keep your invitation clear, make sure you verify to your guest who you want to attend. Make sure that your invite has the proper wording and layout.” You definitely don’t want your guests bringing all their friends along!


Remember ladies, as Omar Khattab says “a wedding invitation is a piece of you and your partner, it resembles a commitment of a life to come, a piece of your past, who you are, and finally what you and your soon to be lifelong partner stand for…Eternal love.” I think we shed a tear!
Start looking for that Dress!


Every bride can agree that the dress is possibly the most important aspect of the wedding. Therefore, she must start searching for it ahead of time!


Elaine from Rosa Clara explained that “A tailor can make a dress between 4 and 6 months.” “The bride has a lot of work…they have a lot of things to do and plan, so the dress is one of the most important things for the woman… to decide which style fits better on her, it will take some time, I suggest to start your search no less than 6 months before the wedding day.”
Designers Antar & Lahmoni from Syria also expressed the importance to begin wedding dress shopping at least 3 to 4 months prior to the wedding.  


Designer Bahig Hussein mentioned that “Sometime we do a wedding dress in 10 days, sometimes we do a wedding dress in a year. “ However he of course prefers being given as year, as “this is more relaxing, it’s more fun, and everything is more calm and no stress involved. The worse thing for the bride is to be stressed before her wedding!”


When it comes to wedding invitations, Khattab explains the early you start, the better! There’s a lot of work put into making these cards, such as choosing the paper and materials from a “showroom with more than 1000 different types of paper in different textures and colors”


That’s a lot to choose from ladies! You then have to pick “the working layout and design…the color and type of printing with 12 different printing methods and types that you can mix and match” to your heart’s desire! Finally, you must choose the ribbons and accessories of which “there is a huge variety…to choose from that you can add to your card.” They even print stickers with your guest’s names to personalize every invitation! These guys thought of it all!





According to Bahig Hussein, “Cinema, books, music – it’s the main inspiration for any fashion designer. I guess a good fashion designer is a good viewer, a good listener. It’s not a matter of only sketching or drawing.”


Hair stylist Kriss shares that the “inspiration for the company is to make women feel comfort. Women, they struggle every day at work and at home. At the show, we will have a video for explaining this inspiration” Look out for that video ladies!


Since L’azurde is a multinational company, Rasha explained that coming into Egypt, “We tailored the entire twins [band] idea. We hired special designers that are very specialized in this twin’s concept so that it would fit in the Egyptian market.” Ladies looking to stick to their cultural roots, check out L’azurde’s specialized twin-band ring collection!




We asked these experts on their dream clients and muses…

“For me I don’t have a dream client” says Kriss.  “I am very happy when I see a client smiling as she goes out of the shop. For me that’s the best client.” Aw, so inspiring Kriss!


Bahig Hussein was quick to answer, saying “My ideal woman is Audrey Hepburn…with the big sunglasses and the slim black dress. This is the woman I like.” Well when it comes to Audrey, we can’t disagree!


Khattab Wedding Invitation focus on creating cards which are “the result of a constant search of novelty, through respecting the tradition.” Their cards express the essence of “style, elegance and originality…which celebrate an unforgettable moment.”



When asked about their personal preference, all the designers opted for the classic, natural look. “It’s simple, elegant, glamorous…classic” Bahig Hussein shares when asked about his ideal design. “I don’t go for the modern exotic ideas.


Kriss kept it straightforward: “I always like the natural look. I don’t really like classical.  I like to go with something that will be an inspiration.”


Elaine from Rosa Clara shared with us a photo of their ‘signature’ design, which showed a classic and simple straight cut dress, with a band and bow elegantly wrapped around the waist.


“I prefer a more simple style” when asked about her personal style. “I look more for a straight and simple style. There is one signature in Rosa Clara which was famous in the launching of the brand. It is a very simple cut, straight line. If we have one icon, it would be the bow around the waist.”


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