Valentine’s on a Budget

1. Clear out the garage, attic, cupboards or wardrobes. It really doesn’t matter as long as you do it together and trust me, it’ll be fun.


2.  Relax…clear your mind and practice Yoga together.


3. Visit an art gallery. Find an exhibition in your area and criticize everything about it! So many places around the city so many of us are yet to see & explore. 


4. Make something together at home; like a coffee table, some shelves, a bird house, pottery dishes, vases, face sculptures, candles or soap. Craft shops are full of ideas.


5. Go to a football match. Even if you’re not into the sport, you’ll find the atmosphere electric.


6. Go for a walk together- anywhere you like… just walk no CTA’s, no taxis.


7. Go horseback riding in your club (if it has a horse track) or at the Pyramids; it’s the perfect timing this season. You don’t even need to take lessons, just ride behind him!


8. Play games, whether they’re board games, computer games, card games or even a PlayStation game!  


9. Work your mind with brain teasers, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords or quiz books.


10. Have a blind food tasting, it’s messy but can’t deny that it’s fun.


11. Put on a themed evening; like a Sushi night, Arabian night with molo7’eya and araneb with him dressed in a galabeya and her dressed in Nancy Agram’s one.


12. Snuggle up on the sofa or in front of the fire or the TV and enjoy two cups of hot chocolate. Yeah it’s the best solution for this weather.


13. Dig out the old photos and enjoy a night of nostalgia.


14. Try a new recipe together. Have a go at Thai, Indian, Greek – whatever tickles your taste buds.


15. Attend a concert that you would both enjoy.


16. Don’t be shy to be silly! Have a fight- with balloons or pillows 


17. Pop up some popcorn, curl up on the couch and watch a movie together.


Here are some good movies you can enjoy…


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Can’t Buy Me Love

The Hitch

The Princess Bride

50 First Dates

An Affair to Remember


18. Eat in bed, whether it’s breakfast time or not.


19. Bake a cake or anything you’ll enjoy eating together.


20. Slow dance in your living room.


21. Spell ‘I love You’ with one of her/his favorite foods, which you prepared.


22. Snuggle up and read to each other some touchy quotes.


23. You can also go out, have fun, and at the same time pay less with these low budgets highly romantic everywhere outing places…



These are only tips to get you going and I know you can do better, so go wild and remember to always think out of the box ;-).

Have a very nice and romantic Valentine’s!



By Marwa Elwany



by admin